101 Training Activities Book  

101 Training Activities and How to Run Them: Icebreakers, Energizers and Team Building

254 pages in glorious color! If you are a people manager, trainer, coach or just someone who has to engage people, this book is for you. This book of 101 activities, energizers, icebreakers and stories has been designed with over 30 years joint training experience by two corporate trainers who know how hard it can be to keep teams and groups engaged.


Whether you are looking to spice up your training courses, energise your team meetings, raise team morale or simply have some fun with your teams this book will help you achieve that. Each activity has a consistent format and is broken down into categories to make it quick and easy for you to find the one that will suit your needs.


Activities range from full-on team building and communication activities down to quick fun energisers you can do on the spot. With each activity carefully chosen and laid out to ensure you have maximum opportunity of success, we have also ensured you won’t break the bank by needing lots of expensive or complicated materials to run these activities. You may not have the time or budget to run full blown training courses but by using this book there is nothing stopping you from creating more engagement, energy and fun with your teams or groups.

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