Being a New Leader Workshop

Team Leader Engagement & Motivation Training

 A hands-on workshop to learn how to engage and motivate your teams

Many organisations provide traditional leadership training based on leadership principles. Sometimes, leaders struggle with tactical ideas and tools to motivate and engage their teams.

The people that team leaders lead are generally the ‘face’ of the business and need to present a positive customer interaction. However, some tasks can be monotonous and there are likely to be setbacks and energy sapping moments. They need some tangible and motivating tools to help them succeed and stay motivated.

Opportunities for structured ‘play’ in business help employees to be more successful. Play can help boost their energy level and improve their attitude which naturally transfers to their engagement with customers and drives greater productivity.

At work, people need to improvise, embrace opportunities and often have to think on their feet. The four Ps of workplace engagement – Passion, Peers, Projects and Play are areas we can explain in more detail for the session and how they impact on the business through the leaders. By providing the teams with opportunities to work on projects, based on their passions, in collaboration with peers, in a playful spirit, we can help them in an environment where creative thinking is important. These projects can be daily tasks, decorating the centre, ideas for achieving KPIs or any small or great, short or long idea that can be implemented in the centre.

Our solution provides tools that include the following:

  • Understand activities to start every team meeting and every shift kick-off

  • Things that can be used as an integral part of the day to become part of your culture

  • A mixture of pure fun and activities with a specific message in the debrief

  • Activities aimed at pumping up energy, enhancing positive thinking, encouraging the team to think on their feet in a creative way – to boost KPI achievements 

  • How to use body language to engage and ‘show up’ with the right attitude


This solution can be done as a one day session which could be split in to 2 x ½ days if needed.

The sessions are interactive helping those present to understand about creating an energized workforce and ways to do this. We cover at least 20 activities / energizers they can use with their teams as well as what to debrief and how to use them.

We will cover off employee engagement, motivation by appreciation and how to help people feel valued.



For the 1 day session, prep and framework ………………………….$3,650+GST



Same session split over 2 x ½ days ………………………….$4,000+GST



For 1 hour follow up sessions (30 minutes with team leaders / 30 minutes with management to discuss / review / make suggestions and answer queries)...………………………….$250+GST


For ½ day follow up session based on more activities and a Booster...………………………….$1,950+GST

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