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MC / Public Speaking Services

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Getting the right MC for your event is sometimes challenging. A celebrity may draw a crowd but they often don’t provide the content or make it memorable. Whether you want a theme or just a straight black tie affair we can meet your needs! 

Whether your event is 100 or 750 people we have years of experience to give you a structure and framework that will cover your key points, run the event and give your guests a memorable evening where they have a great time! 


Tired of the same usual boring event opening?  Try a themed event around ‘Taking flight’, ‘Secret Agents’, “Great Gatsby’, or even ‘Pink Panther’


By bringing together all of their past international training experience, public speaking at conferences and events and making of corporate videos they guarantee you an energetic, fun, engaging and memorable event. 


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"Craig McFadyen & Derek Good have been the MCs for the CRM Contact Centre Awards for the last 5 years.  

They truly are outstanding and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any organisation for their event.  

Hear from our clients:


"Both Craig & Derek are polished speakers and add humour to the evening. I would say they are every bit as good if not better than some celebrity speakers"  


Laurie Smith

Director, CRM Consulting


"Derek has been an MC for The Big Thinking Business Forum several times. He is our best MC ever. He has the rare ability to be able to keep our events on time and on track, but also, when he feels the energy in the room is falling, to be able to bring in a great video clip or icebreaker to lift the mood.

If you are looking for a great MC - he is your man."


Ann Andrews 

Managing Director, The Corporate Toolbox


Public Speaking at your Conference or Event


If you're looking for an energetic and motivational speaker at your conference, then consider talking to us. We can provide a high impact speaking slot that will include short video clips, bright colorful slides with few words on them and an engaging speaker that will help provide a memorable experience for your conference attendees.


We can design a speaking engagement to suit your needs or you can ask us about some of our tried and tested topics like these:


  • Coaching for Change

  • Customer Service Techniques

  • Difficult Conversations

  • LEGO Serious Play

  • Motivation by Appreciation

  • Personality Profiles

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Staff Engagement