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Video Production

There are many organisations offering services for video production. These days it’s pretty easy to shoot a video even with a mobile phone. So what should you consider our services? Well, we have been making training videos for many years and we understand what it means to take a message or information and help to transfer the knowledge to those watching.

Our videos are not just visually pleasing, they help to transfer the required knowledge to the watcher.

Our format is the same as workshop training:



In order to help that process work, we find another three step process to be useful:





To help create your video, we follow these steps: 

  • Design – working with you on outcomes and concept

  • Scripting

  • The shooting of videos / onsite or studio

  • Voice over / Screen capture work

  • Editing of video and formatting

  • Client feedback / iteration changes

  • Delivery of final product


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